Student Guidance

The Guidance area of the school is based around the Pastoral Care committee made up of the Assistant Principal Student Welfare (Nigel Wilson), School Guidance Counsellor (Jo Grace) and the four Heads of House (Simon Taylor, Jo Parke, Simone Tulley, Jo Hayes). Closely associated with this group of staff are the Principal (Reece Goldsmith), and Assistant Principal Curriculum (Sue Mitchell).

As a group these staff members meet once a fortnight to discuss pastoral care and learning issues of students at Mackenzie College.

Counselling is the responsibility of the School Guidance Counsellor (Jo Grace). Her job is to help students’ ‘get back on track’ when something makes it hard to get on with learning and other aspects of their lives. As well as working individually with the student and maybe their parents, the school counsellor has a wide range of agencies to refer students to if this is what they would like.

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