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About The School

Mackenzie College is situated in the Mackenzie Country, near Mt Cook National Park in the South Island. This environment provides the college with easy access to lakes, rivers, tussock lands and mountains, including New Zealand's largest mountain and the training ground Sir Edmund Hillary used before his ascent of Everest.

Mackenzie College is a modern co-educational college situated in spacious grounds. A full range of specialist rooms is available, including science laboratories, computer suites, technology suites, visual and performing arts rooms, a gymnasium, and study facilities.

The school is set in attractive grounds and offers a full range of sports facilities including soccer, rugby, hockey, cricket and softball fields, and tennis and netball courts. Close by is the community indoor swimming pool, squash courts and basketball stadium.


As of 1 July 2013, fees are:

  • 1 Term NZ$ 5,100.00
  • 2 Terms NZ$ 7,400.00
  • 3 Terms NZ$ 9,700.00
  • 1 Year NZ$ 11,900.00

These prices include tuition and all administration fees. Costs not included are host family, uniform, examinations, outdoor education, insurance and airport pickup.

To stay in a home or farm stay whilst attending the college:
Home stay costs = $5100 for 26 weeks plus a placement fee of $250
Medical Insurance costs approximately $350 per six month period


Jason Reid - Principal
Mackenzie College
Kirke Street
South Canterbury
New Zealand
Phone +64 3 685 8603
Fax +64 3 685 8296