Outdoor Pursuits

Outdoor Pursuits at Mackenzie College aims to improve students’ self-concept and introduce them to adventure through practical activities in one of New Zealand’s most scenic and attractive regions, the Mackenzie Country. The outstanding recreational opportunities offered by the local environment are explored. The course is experiential, i.e. students learn by doing. A safe approach through the use of risk management will be used.

Outdoor Pursuits at Mackenzie College is a Year 12 or 13 subject which is set within the timetable but involves an afternoon’s practical activity each week, as well as pre-brief and de-brief classes. The course will involve extra time, with some weekend and overnight involvement in camps and Sunday activities.

Students require a high degree of commitment and self-reliance and responsibility. They don’t have to be hard-out outdoor types, just be willing to challenge themselves and be prepared to move out of their comfort zone.

Students will participate in many outdoor pursuits, including kayaking, tramping, rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing and snow boarding, and low level mountaineering. An important aspect of the course is the trips and expeditions, where the learning and the theory all come together. Students are assessed in level 1-3 SFRITO unit standards.