What is Cantanet?

CantaNet is a cluster of nineteen secondary and area schools in the greater Canterbury region that engages in eLearning to better meet the needs of students and teachers.  CantaNet is a member of the Virtual Learning Network (VLN) which connects the eLearning clusters and enables the delivery of range of online courses using a range of technologies.


How does it work?

Each of our schools offers a course, a teacher and an eDean that then allows them to enrol students in courses offered by schools across the Virtual Learning Network (NZ).

Generally a course consists of 8-12 students who are taught by an eTeacher (who will be from a participating school) using an approach that blends face to face style video conference tutorials with a mix of online and paper based learning.  You would typically find a course consists of students from 5-7 different schools throughout the country.  Much of the learning will be accessed through an online space where students can receive work, download assignments, and interact with the teacher and other students. 

The role of the eDean in a school is to support the students and provide an important line of communication between teacher and students.  This means students are not just left on their own to cope if they are having difficulties


The Cantanet commitment

  • All courses will be aligned with the New Zealand curriculum and NZQA requirements
  • All schools will provide an onsite support person for students. The eDean at Mackenzie College is Mrs Adams
  • All courses will be taught by a qualified and registered teacher from a school in NZ
  • All courses will provide engaging, flexible and personalised learning suited to a range of learning styles, using digital tools and resources blended with video conference tutorials

Things to consider

Learning online often requires a change in thinking from students who are used to a structured lesson by lesson day.  You will need to be willing to learn how to manage your own time effectively and to direct your learning more than in a traditional classroom.  With this comes a lot more flexibility, especially if you are taking more than one online course (some students have up to three), but also more responsibility for your learning. Students need to be able to take the initiative and ask the teacher, the eDean and other students for help when they need it.  Learning online does not mean the absence of the teacher.  In fact, because of the small number of students in a course, eTeachers can often provide more feedback than in a traditional classroom, but this feedback is usually not instant.  

Further information can be found on the Cantanet website. Click on the link to take you there.